HANK® was designed to improve quality of life by being a welcoming source of light and a functional piece of
furniture. Use it to light up your hallway, dressing room or flaunt your personality by dressing HANK up with things
you find pretty. Place it anywhere, use it for anything – but stay personal.

Designed for the future and crafted from high quality materials you can rest assured that regardless of the color of your HANK – your home will never be the same again. Since its light source is using energy efficient LEDs, you can keep it lit more and still feel good about yourself.

The lamp can be hung from the ceiling using the included wire accessories or directly against the ceiling without the end pieces. Using the included accessories HANK is suitable for all spaces with up to 5.5m(18ft) ceiling height. Maximum still load on HANK using 1.2mm(15 gauge) wire for hanging is 24 kilos(52lbs).

HANK features a unique custom dimmer logic which allows for smooth flicker free dimming between 0 and 100% light. We knew you would appreciate a clean looking electrical installation so we designed the provided power supply to do its job without attracting too much attention.


Material: Powder coated or lacquered steel. Brass screws and bolts.
Width: 800(31.49”), 1000(39.37”) or 1200(47.24”)mm.
Height: 790(31.10″)mm with end pieces. 770(30.31″)mm without.
Colors: Cumulus white, New denim blue, Curb grey, Raw steel
Light source: Custom LED source producing 600lm per meter.  Max 25w. 4000K color with >30 000 hours life span. Replaceable by authorised technician only.

If we can do custom color, size or LED-color? Sure! We can imagine HANK® in hotels, boutiques and many other types of public spaces and we will be happy to assist you with your project and to quote you according to your requirements.

Please note: HANK may only be used in dry locations indoors. Raw steel may oxidize and change its appearance even if it is used only in dry locations indoors.

Please find documentation below.
HANK®- high resolution images
HANK®- brochure
HANK®- specifications
HANK®- installation

Design by Ola Samuelson. Made in Sweden.

HANK® is a D75 illuminants registered trademark.